A warm welcome to the homepage of the Voluntary Fire Department Batzenhofen

The Voluntary Fire Department Batzenhofen was founded in 1875.
Currently 50 active firemen invest their leisure time in the service to their neighbors.
The Fire Department is a independent unit within the city of Gersthofen.
Besides the FD Batzenhofen there are additional Fire Departments in
Edenbergen, Hirblingen and Rettenbergen which are all districts of Gersthofen.

Voluntary Fire Dept. Batzenhofen: Our leisure time for your safety !
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The FD Batzenhofen typically gets alarmed about 15 times per year. One or two alarms are because of fires, the others are technical help. This means i. e. insect control; water damage, oil pollution, rescue of injured persons at traffic accidents and so on.

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Change in leadership
The 2007 annual general meeting resulted in some changes in leadership: New heads of the managing committee are Stephan Langer together with vice Reinhard Lorenz. Keeper of the minutes became Sven Lorenz. The other members of the committee got reelected.

The long planned extension of the hunting association's barn was finished in July 2007.

The new year 2007 started with some blown down trees. 2008 began leisurely but brought, besides others, 3 large fires and a car accident.
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